Academic publications

  • MacAyeal, D.R., Banwell, A.F., Okal, E.A., Lin, J., Willis, I.C., Goodsell, B. and G.J. Macdonald, 2018, Diurnal seismicity cycle linked to subsurface melting on an ice shelf. Annals of Glaciology doi:10.1017/aog.2018.29

  • Macdonald, G.J., Banwell, A.F. and D.R. MacAyeal, 2018, Seasonal evolution of supraglacial lakes on a floating ice tongue, Petermann Glacier, Greenland. Annals of Glaciology doi:10.1017/aog.2018.9

Media: EOS , GlacierHub/LandsatScience

We analyzed the evolution of supraglacial lakes on Petermann Glacier's floating ice tongue over the summer of 2014, 2015 and 2016 using Landsat 8 satellite imagery. We found lakes quickly develop in June each year and decline in number, area and volume through July and August, despite sustained high temperatures. This may be explained by transportation of meltwater off the tongue by a river and by lake drainage events (we observe cases of 'rapid lake drainage').Lakes on the tongue are smaller, and exhibit lower variability in depth, than those on the grounded ice.

  • Banwell, A.F., Willis, I.C., Macdonald, G.J., Goodsell, B., Mayer, D.P., Powell, A. and D.R. MacAyeal, 2017. Calving and rifting on the McMurdo Ice Shelf, Antarctica. Annals of Glaciology doi:10.1017/aog.2017.12

We analysed our observations of the near-simultaneous occurrence of sea-swell, sea-ice breakout, iceberg calving and rift propagation on the McMurdo Ice Shelf in March 2016. Satellite imagery, seismic records, timelapse photography and a ground traverse of the rift were all utilized in our analysis.  We argue that sea swell caused the 3km rift extension event.


Other writing

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